Merry Edwards

2013 Merry Edwards Chardonnay Olivet Lane

Russian River Valley

Origin: Olivet Lane
Vineyard: Chardonnay

Winemaker Notes: “The palate is rich and full on the entry, showing fig, mandarin orange and papaya. Balanced with bright, lively acidity, the mouthfeel created is classic Russian River Valley through and through. The finale is a long, lingering finish, accented with a touch of hazelnut and vanilla.”

Color: Flaxen, with flecks of white gold, even the color of this wine is regal.

Aromas: Floral scents of honeysuckle, lemon verbena, cherry blossoms and white roses are interlaced with creamy lemon custard, tarte tatin and crème brûlée. Layers of ripe nectarine, peach, yellow raspberry and pink lady apple add a full-fruited dimension.

2014 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir Coopersmith

Russian River Valley

Origin: Mount Eden Vineyards.
Vineyard: Pinot Noir

Winemaker Notes: “Rich, mouthwatering and enticing, this dramatic Pinot captivates us with its intense dark cherry, brambleberry, blueberry and signature cocoa powder. This opening flourish is followed by starlike bursts of sarsaparilla, hoisin sauce, cognac, violets and fig.”

Color: Dark red.
Aromas: dark cherry, brambleberry, blueberry and signature cocoa powder.

2013 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir Flax Vineyard

Russian River Valley

Origin: Flax Vineyard

Vineyard: Pinot Noir

Winemaker Notes: “On the palate, the entry is soft and lush, with mouth watering acidity and tart red cherry on the long finish. The tannins are firm and almost chewy — classic Flax, through and through.”

Color: Deep Black.

Aromas: composed of cherry, dark berry, cassis, plum, blueberry preserve and cola.


2013 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir Klopp Ranch

Russian River Valley

Origin: Klopp Ranch
Vineyard: Pinot Noir

Winemaker Notes: “The aroma nearly explodes out of the glass with cocoa, hedgerow fruit, rich cassis, white pepper and sarsaparilla. Toasted brioche, caramel and savory prosciutto add more rich flavors.”

Aromas: Cocoa, hedgerow fruit, rich cassis, white pepper and sarsaparilla.

2013 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir

Russian River Valley

Origin: Russian River Valley
Vineyard: Pinot Noir

Winemaker Notes: “In the mouth, the wine is juicy on entry, broad in the midpalate and shows smooth, firm tannins on an extended finish. Supported by good acidity, the balance of this Pinot predicts excellent ageability.”

Color: Jeweltoned rich, ruby color

Aromas: Dark blue plum, red currant, hedgerow fruit and raspberry coulis.

2013 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir
Sonoma Coast

Russian River Valley

Origin: Sonoma Coast
Vineyard: Pinot Noir

Winemaker Notes: “The palate is balanced and seamless, bright yet silky, juicy with a hint of minerality.
Tannins are smooth and lush in the mouth, complemented by good acidity. There is hidden power behind its gentle exterior, indicating a long future for this Pinot Noir.”

Aromas: Its feminine side shows dried rose petals and violets along with ripe, luscious strawberries, red raspberries, huckleberries and fresh berry compote. Its masculine dimension adds black currant, savory chanterelle, cardamom, oolong tea and sweet tobacco to the mix.

2014 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc

Russian River Valley

Origin: Russian River Valley
Vineyard: Sauvignon Blanc

Winemaker Notes: “The palate is a heightened reflection of aroma, bursting with more citrus and stone fruits and showing a bit of the wet-stone minerality that will develop with time. The long, layered finish follows through with just a hint of sweet pink grapefruit.”

Aromas: Delicate fragrance of jasmine, honeysuckle and cherry blossoms, along with blood orange and lime zest.


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